An online presence management service or online presence manager (OPM) are responsible for the multiple aspects of your company or brand’s online representation. This means everything from providing relevant and dynamic informational content to maintain your brand integrity to addressing public concerns and feedback to ensure consumer satisfaction.

What is Online Presence Management or Online Presence Manager (OPM)?

When it comes to reputation management, an online presence manager brings value to your organization through their experience in online marketing, their access to professional online presence management tools, and their availability. These factors come together to free up your time as a business manager and to optimize your online portfolio for optimal prominence and returns.

Does your business really need the services of an online presence management service or OPM?

As a small business owner myself, I have experience in the various facets of owning and managing multiple companies.

In a previous life I played the role of CEO and during that time I also attempted to manage my online presence portfolio. I knew that few people understood the needs of small business owners when it came to online representation, but at the same time, I discovered that managing my online reputation as well as my business just wasn’t feasible. I didn’t have the time, the resources, or the knowledge I needed to do it all myself.

It was around this time that I devoted every hour I had to learn the tricks and tools used by professional online presence managers while framing it with my intimate knowledge of small business.

The result?

I wound up selling my businesses and building my own online reputation management company. Using everything I had learned I started to help other small business owners to increase their online appearance and brand profitability.

20-years of Online Presence Management Experience

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11 Reasons Why I’m the Best Online Presence Manager for Your Business

1. Experience

I have over 20-years of online presence management experience thanks to my love of entrepreneurship, which allowed me to own and successfully operate five businesses in that time. Including; affiliate marketing programs, an exotic limousine business, and Florida’s largest privately-owned salon company.

2. Passion

I immerse myself in the businesses that I work with because I have a true passion for business and all of its offerings. Driving your business to the front page of Google while building an online presence your brand can be proud of instantly become my mission.

3. Value

I challenge you to look around the web for online presence management individuals or firms that offer simple, flat-rate, NO BS pricing like you’ll find here.

4. Personal Attention

I’m not an online presence management agency or firm, I’m John, an online presence manager.

Why is any of this important? Because, it means when you call, text, or send an email, you get me. Not the run-around.

5. If I Can’t Build, Increase, or, Help… I’ll Pass

I don’t accept EVERY online presence management project that comes my way. I only take on projects where I KNOW I can make a H-U-G-E impact.

6. Dedication

I will manage your brands’ online presence as if it’s my own business. Consistently & Professionally.

7. Exclusive

I don’t accept competitors in your market as online presence management clients. Instead, I work diligently to increase your brands’ online persona above your competitors.

8. Satisfaction

I work hard to keep my customers satisfied.

9. Success

All of my current online presence management customers rank on the first page of Google for their top keywords/phrases with the exception of one. The only reason that (1) isn’t ranked on Google’s first page is that it’s a new client. ? It’s never a matter of, “if”, it’s a matter of, “WHEN”!

10. White-Hat Techniques

I never put your business at risk by using search engine optimization and marketing tactics that Google dislikes or doesn’t approve of. Instead, I will use a solid foundation of best practice to achieve the goals we set.

11. Practice What I Preach

If you take a look around my website and social media profiles you’ll quickly notice that I implement the same services I offer here in marketing my own business online. Yep, it’s true! I buy PPC ads on Google, I’ve been using Facebook Ads since day one, and I keep my blog & social profiles pumped fresh with search engine optimized content that readers find useful.

If my tactics didn’t work, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. ?

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Benefits of Hiring an Online Presence Manager?

As a business owner what are the benefits of hiring an online reputation manager?

I briefly touched on some of the benefits of a professional reputation management firm above: availability, access to professional tools, and knowledge!


As I found out for myself, playing the role of CEO while trying to manage your online presence portfolio is next to impossible. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Hiring a professional, however, allows you to focus on running your business while someone with experience tackles your online presence.

Access to Professional Tools

Like any business, online presence management has its tools of the trade. To create a successful online portfolio, you need to have access to these tools. That means knowing where to find them, how to optimize them, and how to use them to your advantage. This is where an online presence manager’s expertise comes in.

Experience and Knowledge

A seasoned manager of online brand portfolios brings experience and knowledge to the table that you simply don’t have.

For example, say your small business specializes in racecars, this means that you may know just about everything there is to know about racecars. Unfortunately, this knowledge likely does not include an understanding of online marketing tools, mediation and management of customer reviews and feedback, and creation and optimization of dynamic online content. Conversely, an online reputation manager has the experience and knowledge needed for your successful online representation.

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What is Reputation Management?

By now, you likely understand the benefits and necessity of hiring an online presence manager, but what exactly will they be doing for you?

The responsibilities of an online presence management professional vary depending on your business and your needs but always focus on increasing your brand prominence online while creating a positive company image. There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished.

  • Provision of regular blog content reinforces your authority in your brand niche and keeps visitors to your site engaged.
  • Regular posting on social media networks increases your brand exposure and attracts new and return customers.
  • Interaction with customers online via forums, social media networks, and review websites provides a face for your business instead of an anonymous corporate front.
  • Response to negative reviews or experiences shared by customers online provides damage control for your reputation and maintains a happy customer base.
  • Optimization of your website and website content to make your site readable, secure, and rankable by search engines.
  • Use of professional networks to share press releases and product information creates interest in your brand and product.

No matter what plan of attack your online presence manager utilizes to keep your company and products en vogue, the bottom line is that they will be increasing your online prominence while saving you time.

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