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I offer affordable AdWords Management company services that deliver blistering lead generation results. Whether you want a winning AdWords campaign setup that you can manage or need a full-service professional to manage your campaign, I can customize any solution to fit your business goals.

Why Consider Investing in an Adwords Management Company?

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Most small business owners know that AdWords can be beneficial to increase their online traffic. What most don’t know, however, is the benefits of investing in an AdWords manager.

Truth be told, many small business owners don’t even know that AdWords managers exist. Instead, they fumble through online tutorials and do their best to understand the calculations behind keyword popularity, search statistics, cost per click, and competition. Unfortunately, the result of this endeavor is almost always overpayment for underperformance.

An AdWords management company can step in and serve as your AdWords manager, however, and put their expertise to work for you. Rather than your having to determine which keywords are the best investment for you, managing your cost-per-click campaigns, and monitoring performance of each campaign, an AdWords manager uses professional calibrated tools and the sharp eye of experience to create productive and successful AdWords campaigns for your website

The Benefits of AdWords to Your Company

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AdWords are nothing new, yet small businesses continuously neglect to use this highly effective method of advertising. Why? The number one reason why companies neglect AdWord campaigns is that they don’t understand what they are doing. When you have no understanding of how pay-per-click advertising works, your first experience is often enough to drive you away forever. You wind up spending far too much money on AdWords and see little to no results. This is because 99.9% of small business owners pick the wrong AdWords to target.

When the right terms are targeted, however, AdWords can be a very efficient method of driving productive traffic to your website and increase actively purchasing customers. In fact, the ease of editing Google AdWords on the fly makes it one of the most flexible and fruitful advertising avenues around. This is where the services of an AdWords Management Company can boost your online efficiency exponentially.

Google AdWords Management


AdWords Campaign Management includes

  • Custom Written Ads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Daily Bidding (30 days)
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword List
  • Landing Page Design (1)
  • Phone Call Conversion Tracking

    Frequently Asked Questions About Google AdWords Management

    Below, you will find answers to commonly asked questions in regards to Google AdWords Management and the services I provide.

    What is Google AdWords Management?

    Google AdWords is how you get your ad online across Google products. A Google AdWords Management company, or in my case individual, is someone who manages many Google AdWords campaigns for businesses.

    How do I know If I need Google AdWords Management?

    Unless your business happens to be one of today’s incredible tech giants, there’s a good chance you’ll need to advertise your business. Google is a great place to do just that, but for a business owner, the learning curve and time dedication needed is often too much. A poorly managed Google AdWords campaign can lose money very quickly.

    How often do I need to pay for Google AdWords Management?

    My Google AdWords Management services are automatically billed every 30-days.

    Will the price of your service change without notice?

    No. As a matter of fact, the price won’t change at all. This is my monthly Adwords management rate.

    Do you store my credit card info?

    Absolutely not. All sales are processed and protected by PayPal and this website is on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). My Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are easy to read, there are links to both at the bottom of every page.

    When I purchase this Google AdWords Management, what happens next?

    After you complete your purchase, you will be directed to a page with a short form. This form will give me everything I need to know in order to get started on your project. If you purchase your package during normal business hours (7a-7p M-F & Sat 7a-Noon), you will hear back from me within 1-hour. If you purchase outside of my normal business hours, you will hear from me at 9 am the following day.

    Is there a commitment or contract?

    Absolutely not. I keep it simple and focus on getting the results you want. History has taught me that results make for very happy customers, which in turn results in long-term customers.

    What if I’m not sure if this is what I need?

    Contact me via Live Chat or by clicking here so that we can assess things, which won’t take long.


    What Does an AdWords Management Company Actually Do?

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    The services of an AdWords manager are catered to your specific needs, so it’s always best to contact them individually to create a blueprint for your AdWords success. This blueprint is based on your business needs and desires, your current search engine and advertising status, and the timeframe in which you would like to begin seeing changes taking place.

    Different AdWords Management Companies work according to varied “plans of action”. Below is a rough idea of what you can expect when we work together to improve AdWords Campaigns for your business.

    1. I begin by asking you to give me a picture of where your business is now and where you would like it to be in the future. I do this because it gives me an idea of just how extensive our plan of attack should be.
    2. I then ask that you share with me any existing statistics or advertising campaigns that have done previously or are running currently. This data will help me to understand why your previous AdWords campaigns failed.If you don’t have any previous campaigns, that’s fine too! This just allows me to show you where your previous campaigns have fallen flat. Unlike many AdWords Management Companies, I believe in educating my clients so that they know where they have failed so that they can avoid making similar mistakes in the future. I don’t believe in “keeping secrets” so that I can hold you hostage to my services, rather, I believe in providing you with results so that you want to continue using my services!
    3. The next step in my efforts to create a successful AdWords campaign for your website is to find out more about your business. I will begin by asking you to tell me a little bit about your business. What exactly do you do? What are your top selling services or products? Who are your competitors? What advantage do you have over your competitors? What do you offer customers that similar companies do not?All of these questions may seem mundane to you, but they help me to get a better picture of your business and industry so that I can further refine our targeted advertising campaigns.
    4. Lastly, I will talk to you about your budget. One of the biggest deterring factors of AdWords for many small businesses is the cost of bidding on AdWords. What it’s important to remember, however, is that with an AdWords manager onboard this is no longer your concern. All you need to do is provide your current advertising budget and the rest is left to the professionals!
    5. Once I have this information from you, I utilize various professional tools to identify “gaps” in the market that we can take advantage of. For example, if you sell shoes and have been targeting the AdWord “shoes” the chances are that you have failed miserably. Using the appropriate tools, however, I can determine niche-specific AdWords for your business that have high traffic but that are less utilized by your competition. Less competition for keywords means less cost for you, but as we are still using niche-specific keywords to advertise, your traffic is equally productive (if not more so!)
    6. After setting up your AdWords campaigns, I continue to monitor the productivity of the advertising keywords we have selected.The beauty of AdWords is that it allows me to make changes on the fly so that I can narrow down your advertising budget to target only those terms which are productive.Throughout the AdWords campaigns we run, I always make myself available to you for progress checks and to keep you abreast of our progress and how your current budget looks for the month.

    Could You Use a Hand with Your AdWords Management?

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    If you have been struggling for far too long with your small business’s AdWords campaigns, you’re not alone. If you have spent far too much of your advertising budget and time on AdWords campaigns that have netted little to no return in productive traffic? Then it’s about time that you considered calling in a professional and I’d be more than happy to help.

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