When it comes to your online presence, few things have an impact as significant as your online reputation. Just as a business’s local reputation affects their ability to sell their products or practice their services, their online reputation is equally as manipulative.

Say, for example, you sell used cars.

You own a small corner lot in an average size town and you make a decent living.

Since hiring a new mechanic, however, your clients have been coming back to you with complaints that their cars are breaking down as soon as they drive off the lot.

It doesn’t take long before word begins to travel and soon your business has a reputation for selling used cars that will break down within days.

There is no doubt that this is going to affect your bottom line.

Now, of course, you fire the mechanic and hire a new one, but by this time your company has already gained a less than desirable reputation.

Any good business owner would go on to invest in marketing to let potential clients know that things have changed, that you are doing everything you can to make things “right”…right?

But what are the chances that those clients who are complaining about your business are only going to complain to their neighbors and friends in passing conversation? In today’s age, it’s almost a guarantee that they’re going to jump online and share their thoughts there too.

So now you have managed to address things on a local level with some good PR and marketing stunts…but how do you go about managing your company reputation online? After all, your online presence reaches much further than your local presence AND there is no guide on where to begin that kind of damage control.

Enter your online reputation manager.

Reputation Management Company

All-inclusive Online Presence Management Package – Silver


My All-inclusive Brand Presence Management Silver package includes management of your:

  • AdWords PPC Marketing
  • Google Business Profile
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Weekly Content Updates
  • WordPress Website

    11 Reasons Why I’m the Best Online Presence Manager for Your Business

    1. Experience

    I have over 20-years of online presence management experience thanks to my love of entrepreneurship, which allowed me to own and successfully operate five businesses in that time. Including; affiliate marketing programs, an exotic limousine business, and Florida’s largest privately-owned salon company.

    2. Passion

    I immerse myself in the businesses that I work with because I have a true passion for business and all of its offerings. Driving your business to the front page of Google while building an online presence your brand can be proud of instantly become my mission.

    3. Value

    I challenge you to look around the web for online presence management individuals or firms that offer simple, flat-rate, NO BS pricing like you’ll find here. I’m also a business addict, so, I spent 98% of my time working on my customers brand awareness online.

    4. Personal Attention

    I’m not an online presence management agency or firm, I’m John, an online presence manager.

    Why is any of this important? Because, it means when you call, text, or send an email, you get me. Not the run-around.

    5. If I Can’t Build, Increase, or, Help… I’ll Pass

    I don’t accept EVERY online presence management project that comes my way. I only take on projects where I KNOW I can make a H-U-G-E impact.

    6. Dedication

    I will manage your brands’ online presence as if it’s my own business. Consistently & Professionally.

    7. Exclusive

    I don’t accept competitors in your market as online presence management clients. Instead, I work diligently to increase your brands’ online persona.

    8. Satisfaction

    I work hard to keep my customers satisfied, even though I often never am.

    9. Success

    All of my current online presence management customers rank on the first page of Google for their top keywords/phrases with the exception of one. The only reason that (1) isn’t ranked on Google’s first page is that it’s a new client. ? It’s never a matter of, “if”, it’s a matter of, “WHEN”!

    10. White-Hat Techniques

    I never put your business at risk by using search engine optimization and marketing tactics that Google dislikes or doesn’t approve of. Instead, I will use a solid foundation of best practice to achieve the goals we set.

    11. Practice What I Preach

    If you take a look around my website and social media profiles you’ll quickly notice that I implement the same services I offer here in marketing my own business online. Yep, it’s true! I buy PPC ads on Google, I’ve been using Facebook Ads since day one, and I keep my blog & social profiles pumped fresh with search engine optimized content that readers find useful.

    If my tactics didn’t work, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. ?


    Frequently Asked Questions About Online Presence Management

    Below, you will find answers to commonly asked questions in regards to online presence management and the services I provide.

    How Many Updates Can I Expect to My Social Media Accounts?

    Here’s a breakdown of how many times you can expect me to update your social media profiles as a Silver OPM customer.

    • Facebook – 12 p/m
    • Google+ – 8 p/m
    • Instagram – 12 p/m
    • Twitter – 40 p/m
    • Pinterest – 4 p/m
    • Tumblr – 4 p/m

    What is Online Presence Management?

    An Online Presence Manager (OPM), manages the web presence of business and personal brands. This includes, but is not limited to; Content Creation & Curation, Local SEO, PPC Marketing, Social Media, and Web sites.

    How do I know If I need an Online Presence Manager?

    The truth is most successful business owners need an online presence manager. If you’re a startup owner, challenged in the art of digital presence management, or extremely busy running your business, then you need an OPM.

    How often do I need to pay for Online Presence Management services?

    My Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages are automatically billed every 30-days. My Build-Your-Own (BYO) Online Presence Management package is invoiced 7-days before services for the following month are to begin.

    Will the price of your service change without notice?

    No. As a matter of fact, the price you pay is what you will continue to pay for the entirety of the time that you utilize my services.

    Do you store my credit card info?

    Absolutely not. All sales are processed and protected by PayPal and this website is on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). My Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are easy to read, there are links to both at the bottom of every page.

    When I purchase this Online Presence Management package, what happens next?

    After you complete your purchase, you will be directed to a page with a short form. This form will give me everything I need to know in order to get started on your project. If you purchase your package during normal business hours (7a-7p M-F & Sat 7a-Noon), you will hear back from me within 1-hour. If you purchase outside of my normal business hours, you will hear from me at 9 am the following day.

    Is there a commitment or contract?

    Absolutely not. I keep it simple and focus on getting the results you want. History has taught me that results make for very happy customers, which in turn results in long-term customers. You can cancel my services at any time.

    What if I’m not sure if this is what I need?

    Contact me via Live Chat or by clicking here so that we can assess things, which won’t take long.


    What is a Reputation Management Company?

    What is a Reputation Management Company?A reputation management company provides you with an online reputation manager whose sole job is to control online conversation as it pertains to your business.

    What Can an Online Reputation Manager Do for Your Business?

    What Can an Online Reputation Manager Do for Your Business?Now, in the example above, a major role of a reputation management company is going to be damage control and rebuilding of your reputation. But did you know that a reputation management company is equally as important when things for your business seem to be going swimmingly?

    An effective online reputation manager is as adept at focusing on beneficial content as they are at shifting gears from negative attention.

    For example, should an up and coming teen heart-throb buy his car from your used car lot and go on Twitter to rave about your fair pricing and how amazing your new mechanic was you want to use that to your advantage.

    This is where your reputation manager will build campaigns around this positive attention and use it as a driving point to increase your business.

    Why Do You Need a Reputation Management Company?

    Why Do You Need a Reputation Management Company?You may be asking yourself why you need a reputation management company to control online conversation for you. After all, you know your way around the net, couldn’t you just hop online and deal with this kind of thing yourself?

    Not really.

    Would you know where to begin looking for existing publicity on your company online?

    Would you know where to find consumer feedback or celebrity endorsements?

    Would you be able to monitor all of the crucial and pertinent online outlets that might influence your online reputation?

    That’s where your reputation manager comes into play.

    A quality online reputation manager has the professional tools necessary to monitor and track every mention of your company online. Not only that, but they have the marketing and management skills to take every mention of your company and use it to reflect your company in a positive light.

    A Reputation Manager Sounds Pretty Shady…

    A Reputation Manager Sounds Pretty ShadyIt’s understandable that you might think that, but there is nothing “shady” at all about hiring a reputation management company!

    Your reputation manager doesn’t lie to cover up information about your company. They don’t advertise your business as something you are not. They don’t delete comments and edit statements to your advantage.

    Your reputation manager takes what information is available and controls how your company is seen by responding to it appropriately.

    Let’s go back to one of the customers above who purchased a used car from you that your awful mechanic had worked on. Say this customer hopped online and shared their experience and shed your business in a very negative light.

    Assuming there is nothing untrue about what the customer is saying, what can possibly be done to turn this situation around?

    Reputation management isn’t only about looking “good”, it’s also about being responsible and accountable. Simply responding to this customer’s feedback with an apology and an offer to rectify the situation is enough to change the online perception of your company.

    …but what small business owner has the time to monitor, manage, and respond to every mention of their company online?

    That’s Why You Need a Reputation Manager

    Why You Need a Reputation Manager

    Hiring someone with the knowledge, experience, and most importantly, the tools to manage how your company or brand is portrayed online is one of the smartest investments you can make.

    Any good reputation management company will be able to curate your online reputation for a reasonable fee and you won’t have to spend another moment agonizing over how to respond to inflammatory comments or wondering how to publicize your first celebrity mention!

    Free Consultation for Reputation Management

    Free ConsultationIf you’re still up in the air over what a reputation management professional can do for your business, allow me to help. Give me a call at 833-732-3278 for a free consultation to see how we can boost your business reputation today!

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