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Many small businesses depend on the WordPress platform to build their online presence. While WordPress is an excellent and dynamic platform, it requires expertise that few small business owners have.

To fully take advantage of WordPress you not only need to create an appealing and functional website, but you must also secure that website against malicious attacks and ensure that regular updates take place.

As an online presence manager, I not only create your WordPress website with an appealing and streamlined design, but I do so with future advancement and online security in mind

Web Design Service

WordPress Web Design Silver Package – 1 Page Basic Design


Silver WordPress Web Design Package includes

  • Google Certified Mobile-friendly Web Design
  • Images (or I can use yours if you prefer)
  • 1 Individual Page Design

    Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Web Design

    Below, you will find answers to commonly asked questions in regards to WordPress Web Design and the services I provide.

    What is WordPress Web Design?

    WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS). A WordPress Web Design would be a web design that is built for use on the WordPress CMS.

    How do I know If I need WordPress Web Design?

    If you want your business to be taken serious you’re going to need a website.

    How often do I need to pay for WordPress Web Design Setup?

    In most cases once. Changes and updates can often be done to an existing WordPress design at an hourly or by project rate.

    Will the price of your service change without notice?

    No. As a matter of fact, the price won’t change at all. This is my flat rate for completing a high-quality WordPress Web Designs.

    Do you store my credit card info?

    Absolutely not. All sales are processed and protected by PayPal and this website is on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). My Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are easy to read, there are links to both at the bottom of every page.

    When I purchase this WordPress Web Design, what happens next?

    After you complete your purchase, you will be directed to a page with a short form. This form will give me everything I need to know in order to get started on your project. If you purchase your package during normal business hours (7a-7p M-F & Sat 7a-Noon), you will hear back from me within 1-hour. If you purchase outside of my normal business hours, you will hear from me at 9 am the following day.

    Is there a commitment or contract?

    Absolutely not. I keep it simple and focus on getting the results you want. History has taught me that results make for very happy customers, which in turn results in long-term customers.

    What if I’m not sure if this is what I need?

    Contact me via Live Chat or by clicking here so that we can assess things, which won’t take long.

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    Your website is the largest piece of real estate your business has to make a memorable first impression online. It’s not just the visual presentation that makes an impact, though, it’s also your ability to present concise and relevant information in an appealing way. This is where your web designer comes in.

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    Why Do You Need a Professional Web Design Service?

    Why Do You Need a Professional Web Design Service?

    Why do you need a professional web design service when there are so many platforms available to build your own site?

    It’s all about appearances.

    Everybody and their mother has their own website these days and the majority of those websites are built and hosted on free services and platforms. What does that mean? It means that your audience is going to be able to spot a “do it yourself” website a million miles away.

    I know what you’re asking yourself – “why does that matter?”

    It matters because as a successful company, you need to present a professional front. Not only that, but you need to provide a website that isn’t branded by a free platform service, a website that has no glitches and is optimized to all browsers, and a website that presents a unique and memorable place on the web.

    So yes, you could create your own website, but doing so will almost certainly cost you business by making your company look amateurish, cheap, and unwilling to put forth the effort that a professional company should.

    Web Design is More Than Graphics

    Web Design is More Than Graphics

    So, now you know why you should have a professional web design service create your company’s website for you, but do you know what a web designer should offer?

    Isn’t a web designer just responsible for creating a visually appealing design for your site?

    Not really. A web designer’s job is about more than putting together design elements, it’s about presenting your corporate identity. To do this, your web design company of choice must have a firm grasp on design concepts, but they also need to understand your company intimately.

    What do I mean?

    In order to appeal to YOUR business’s audience, in order to present YOUR product in YOUR industry, to stand apart from YOUR competition, a designer needs to have an understanding that most cheap design companies don’t offer. This understanding takes time and work that cheap outsourced designers don’t offer because their profit depends on quantity, not quality. And while that may be okay for a basic personal blog or mom and pop shop, it’s not the type of front you want to present for any professional business.

    What Makes a Good Web Designer?

    What Makes a Good Web Designer?

    To present a professional front, you need a professional web design company with a good web designer who puts the time in that your company deserves.

    What makes a good web designer?

    It’s about design, psychology, marketing, and research.

    A good quality web design company has a background education in design, but they also have experience with psychology, marketing, and research. Why? Because these are the elements that truly make a website design work.


    Psychology is more than just “head shrinking”, it’s also about the driving force behind human behavior and finding out how to appeal to an instinctive need.

    A good designer knows which color scheme is more likely to get users to buy your product based on your niche, your industry, and your product. They also know which color schemes to avoid to prevent annoying potential consumers and send them running for the hills.


    Marketing is another crucial aspect of successful website design.

    A good web designer knows how to layout different aspects of your website to increase clickthrough’s on your site and improve sales. They know where to place your call to action, where your clients are most likely to click on your homepage, and more importantly, what is most likely to drive them away.


    Over time a good designer is able to understand what works and what doesn’t simply through experience alone. For example, various design features hold more appeal to consumers than another or certain menu structures are better suited to certain industries. This research becomes invaluable when building professional websites because it allows small business owners insight that they may not otherwise have.

    What Should Your Web Design Service Provide for You?

    What Should Your Web Design Service Provide for You?So, you’ve decided that it’s best to hire a professional web design service to take advantage of their experience and expertise…what should you expect them to provide?

    • A unique and appealing graphic design of your site.
    • Editable files for your site design if requested.
    • A unique, brandable, and copyrightable logo if requested.
    • Optimization of your website for search engines if your designer also provides development/installation service.
    • Installation of the design if requested.
    • Tweaks to the design to make it usable across multiple browsers if development/installation are provided.
    • Backup files for your website design.
    • Integration of plug-in’s or software portals if requested prior to design.

    Finding the Right Designer for You

    finding the right designer for youWhen you begin your search for a professional web design service, you may find that very few self-proclaimed “designers” fit the bill.

    Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, many amateur computer users claim themselves as designers when they have little to no design experience at all. If you find that most of the designers that you are consulting seem to fall into this category, don’t give up hope.

    The time that you spend finding a truly professional web designer is well worth the final product of your website.

    I know that many of my current clients went through quite a few horror stories before they landed on my doorstep but after providing them with truly professional service, every one of them has said that it was worth the wait!

    Looking to Hire a Professional Web Design Service?

    Hire a web design company today

    If you’re interested in hiring a professional web design service to optimize your business website design for your client base and for search engines, call me today for your free consultation! You can reach me at 833-732-3278!